Annie The Musical: In Singapore!

I didn’t grow up watching musicals.

My very experience was Les Miserables on Broadway, NY at 21. Since then, I’ve checked quite a few off my list. But growing up, there were always a certain few on constant rewind to rewatch on VCR tapes (remember those?) – Annie, iconically remembered as it’s my mother’s name, was one of my favourites.

So naturally, I was over the moon when Elizabeth and I were invited to attend the Gala night of Annie The Musical at Marina Bay Sands, alongside a few local celebs.

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Annie The Musical  was like a ball of nostalgia from the old and not-too-old rolled up and bowled a strike; Recognising scenes where I’d walked in Brooklyn and Central Park, remembering the way I’d sing “It’s a hard knock life” when I had to do my chores, and recalling how I explained to my brother why she bet her bottom dollar, because you can’t give half a coin – therefore you’ll never lose! (Clearly making up my own explanations, but guys, I was 10).

A memorable night of ‘aww‘s and ‘hahaha‘s as I was brought back to 1920’s NYC – I was literally singing “Tomorrow” out loud from where I was seated.


Clearly the star of the show – “Sandy”, who made this the first musical I’ve ever had a dog perform on stage!

Did you catch Annie The Musical?

Let me know in the comments what you loved about it!



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If you missed out, don’t worry – Keep checking in for future musicals coming up! Can’t wait!

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