Hip Van: Online Furniture & Decor [PROMO CODE]

Modern + minimal = #housegoals

I’ve actually considered moving to Scandinavia because of one thing – their interior decor. Not kidding. Their white x beige combo and crisp-edged furniture are enough to make me spam like everything and keep them tabbed for when I’m able to afford my own place.

However, that was before I discovered Singapore-founded Hip Van – an online furniture and decor store offering chic, quality designs at a fair price. Think marble tables, concrete lamps and even vintage table flip clocks – this place is your Pinterest feed in real life.

Perhaps I won’t have to move after all!


Although I have not yet owned a place to be planning for sofas, cabinets and the like, I do have one essential in any place that I stay – white bedsheets.

Call me a flatlay fanatic, but life does not go on until I get my hands on clean, white sheets to balance a cup of coffee on. So, you can imagine my face when I got a hold of Hip Van’s brand new luxe bedding range that just got in, which their colour range being based on the Pantone palette of the year.

No questions asked, I chose ‘Alpine White’.


Generally, a thread count of 200 is a good standard and a count of 300 will be noticeably softer. However, Hipvan luxe bedding is 500TC with a satin weave that makes it much more durable and silky smooth.


In addition to my bedsheets, I also fell in love with their Be Still cushion‘s handcrafted calligraphy design in gold foil. It’s a collaboration with The Letter J Supply, and a simple reminder to look up from my hands, reflect and be thankful every day.


And just because I love sharing what I love with who I love, Hipvan has given me an exclusive promo code to share with you!

To all my readers, you’ll get $20 with a min. spend of $100 using “HEYTHEREDREAMER20” – Be sure to comment below and share with me which items caught your eye!

(P.s. For more exclusive promos and reader benefits, click here!)

4 thoughts on “Hip Van: Online Furniture & Decor [PROMO CODE]

  1. Tästä kuvaavana esimerkkinä on Suomeen vuonna 2006 säädetty seksin oston kieltävä laki. Suomessa lakia perusteltiin paljolti sillä, että naapurimaamme Ruotsi oli ottanut sellaisen käyttöön jo 2000-luvun alussa. Monet tasa-arvo- ja naeÃtsiajärjisas¶t lobbasivat voimakkaasti lain puolesta.


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